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An Authorised Financial Services Provider

Consulting and Professional Services We Offer.

A Financial Service Provider (FSP) is a business offering financial advice and/or intermediary services.  In order to operate as an authorised FSP in South Africa, a business entity or individual must be issued with a licence. Without this licence, they cannot operate as a FSP.

The Company is able to prepare and provide information required of the Accounting profession.

The Company is able to accept office as Accounting Officer in terms of the Close Corporation Act, 1984.

The Company is able to facilitate Life Assurance, Unit Trust Investments and Medical Aid requirements. The Company is a licensed Financial Services Provider in terms of Section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 and is accredited with the South African Medical and Dental Council.

The Company is able to undertake Bookkeeping activities.

The Company is very involved providing advice to Owner Driver businesses

The Company has developed a small business training programme that it regularly presents to newly-appointed Owner Drivers. The course consists of training on Legal Requirements, Insurance, Payroll Procedures, Labour Relations, Cash and Bank Management, Record keeping, Budgeting, and Business Evaluation.

The Company consults on a regular basis to the general public and small business owners on all aspects of finance.

The Company prepares Annual Financial Statements for its clients in terms of IFRS for Small Businesses.

The Company specialises in Income Tax consulting and consults on personal salary structuring.

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